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New Zealand Line Markers are specialists in lines and markings for car parks, sports courts, factories and warehouses, schools, storage facilities, commercial properties, body corporates — anywhere that needs crisp, clean parking lines to create a good impression.

We also provide stencils for numbers and names, wheelstops, car park repairs & maintenance, removal of unwanted lines and markings.

Does your business look tired?
Do your premises look shabby?
First impressions count!

Did you know:

Your customers form an image of your business by the
presentation of your premises?

Boost your image…

Our Mission

To provide amazing property transformations in the most cost-effective and timely manner.


NZ Line Markers is a Division of Property Wizards Group, an Auckland based property transformation business specialising in providing clients with line marking and maintenance solutions.

NZ Line Markers

Crisp, clean parking lines create good impressions

Avoid hassles, with clearly marked car parks and signs

Improve your image

Add value to your property

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