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What our Customers have to say

We have a professional looking car park which people have commented favourably on. Our car park is now looking spruced up, with a fresh look, and appealing to our customers. Very happy with your service Wayne and would use again and I have recommended NZ Line Markers to others.

— Mary Mingins – Storage4You

More efficient use of car park area. Ownership of car park clearly displayed with less disputes over car park. Professional looking result. Good price. Prompt service, able to meet our expectations and got the job done with no fuss.

— Greg O’Connell – Robertson & Sinclair

Defining spaces and line layout is much clearer which has eliminated parking confusion and has created a safer solution, as there is a lot of vehicle movement around the area.

Work was completed promptly after booking, worked around our business requirements. Professional, great result and excellent job done, Thank you.

— Michelle Reynolds – Simon Lucas Motors

It helped eliminate a lot of stress and concerns around our car park appeal. We have a professional looking car park which people have commented favourably on. NZ Line Markers got the job done with no interruption to our business or our customers.

— Lance Anderson – ALLTECH

They took the time to fully understand our needs and came up with a solution that suits us. Their communication was excellent.

They helped eliminate confusion around the car park use by tenants, who are very happy. They gave me confidence that I was dealing with first class property people.

— Shirley Morris – Hilary House – SEK Morris Ltd

Our entry and exits are now kept clear, which keeps our facility safe. Provides a clear understanding to customers where they can park. NZ Line Markers are professional, easy to deal with and gave good advice. Provided great service and always kept me informed of any changes. Helpful and gave great input on where lines should/could be to prevent congestion.

— Lance Anderson – ALLTECH

“At our RV Super Centre we needed to have a lot more clarity for our customers and staff so they knew exactly where they could safely park and walk. We hired Wayne Kevey from NZ Line Markers to help us do this. (He did line marking, installed heavy duty speed cushions and put up a sign.) What I loved about using Wayne is that he communicated clearly about what he was proposing and always did what he said he would do. What was also great about using Wayne is that he was super responsive and very flexible in getting everything done. For instance he was more than happy to make site visits on a Sunday and in the evenings so the work could be done when we didn’t have a lot of people at our site. This made using his services very convenient from our end as there was very little disruption to our business. The end result was great looking signage, road markings and a far safer environment for people to walk in and drive around.
I recommend Wayne highly because he is a great contractor, his prices are very competitive and he does superb work.”

— Joe Reid — Operations Manager — Vehicle Sales — RV Super Centre

“We used the services of Wayne Kevey from NZ Line Markers for repainting the car parks and driveways lines and markings at our school. Wayne did an excellent job, He communicated well and was a pleasure to deal with. We would happily recommend his services to other organisations as we are delighted with his work. In fact we got Wayne back recently and he has repainted the lines on the 2 Netball Courts”.

Neil Beckenham — Property Manager — Stanmore Bay School

NZ Line Markers communicated at all times and kept us informed of when the job would be done. They took practicable steps to minimise Health & Safety at Work hazard concerns for our staff and customers, and they got the job done with minimal interruption to our customers, during a very busy time. They are polite and professional and cleaned up after the job was completed.

— Best Western BK5 Pioneer Motor Lodge – Mangere

Thanks again for everything – we are very pleased with the lines and your service is excellent.

Metal Salvage Services Ltd, February 2018

“I first met Wayne Kevey from NZ Line Markers when he did a small job at the Whangaparaoa Shopping Centre which we manage.

Wayne did terrific work on this project so I asked him to submit a quote for a much larger project. The project was a large car park refurbishment at Konica Minolta House in Grafton and we used NZ Line Markers to do all the lines and markings.

One of things that I love about Wayne is the amazing communication he brought to the project. We have four major tenants in this building so we had a meeting to explain exactly what was going to be done with the car park refurbishment. Wayne was at the meeting and he explained clearly how his part of the project would work. He gave me and everyone else a plan for how long his work would take and what was involved at every stage. He then followed his plan exactly and all his work was done both on time and to an incredibly high standard.

What I also found helpful with Wayne is that he took 100% ownership of the project. This meant that if there were ever any problems or issues with anything he was doing he immediately took action and sorted them out.

This was great because it meant I didn’t have to worry about the project not going well. The car park refurbishment ended up being a huge success. The owner of the building was happy and all the tenants were very happy both during and after the refurbishment. (That meant I was happy as well.)

Wayne played a key part in making this one of the most successful commercial refurbishment projects I have ever been involved with. (And I’ve been involved in a lot of projects!) In fact Wayne is so good I would hire him to work fulltime for me tomorrow if he didn’t already have his own line marking business! The reality of life today is that only a tiny handful of contractors are outstanding at what they do. And these contractors are literally ‘worth their weight in gold’.

Wayne is one of these rare ‘worth their weight in gold’ contractors who is just brilliant at what he does. His communication skills are incredible and he is delightful to have on any job.
I’ve already recommended his services to all my commercial property colleagues. Wayne is perfect if you need someone very good who gets on with the job, communicates well and does great work.”

— Ian West — Senior Asset Manager — Barfoot and Thompson Commercial Property Management

“The Torbay business area was going through a major upgrade and we wanted to make sure that the shopping centre car park had a fresh look and looked great so it matched this upgrade. We contacted Wayne Kevey at NZ Line Markers to help us do this. Wayne provided detailed drawings of all the work he was planning to do with the line markings in the car park and provided clear and easy to understand explanations of everything.This meant we knew exactly what he was going to do and how he was planning to do it.

What I loved about ‘how’ Wayne did the line markings and other work in the car park was that it was always done with the least amount of inconvenience for the businesses and their customers. He would close a few car parks only and do the line marking work. Then close a few more and so on. The business owners loved this approach and so did their customers. The line marking and other work that Wayne did was all completed brilliantly over a day and a half and business went on as usual while the work was being done. So everyone was happy.

As a business association we like to work with contractors who are mindful of how to do work so the businesses don’t lose money or customers. (And Wayne was terrific at doing this well.) Wayne is a breath of fresh air compared to other contractors and organisations that we have worked with in the past. Some of these people would promise a start date or book a meeting and then not show up! And they kept us totally in the dark as to what was happening.

Wayne on the other hand was outstanding at communicating clearly what was happening. So with Wayne I knew exactly when he was starting the job, which part of the car park he was working on at any time and how long it would take. Wayne was always on time and extremely helpful. This gave me a huge amount of peace of mind and confidence in using his line marking services.

Wayne was also a helpful resource to help us locate other great contractors as well. He introduced us to one of his business colleagues who did a first class job repairing the asphalt in the car park at the same time. Wayne is a delight to deal with. He also has a wonderful manner when dealing with the public and made them feel good whenever he was talking to people.

I can highly recommend his services to any organisation that would like superb line marking services done by a first class contractor. Wayne is 100% reliable, 100% efficient and 100% reasonable with his pricing as well. He has my highest possible recommendation.”

Carole McMinn — Co-ordinator Torbay Business Association, Auckland

“Hibiscus Coast Parish is very happy with the work that NZ Line Markers have done in re-marking our car park at St Francis Church, Manly”

 – Terry Cochrane